UV Curing Machine For Plastic Bottle Printing



LTY -UV4000S2 Flat and Round UV Curing Machine is used for flat and round surfaces UV curing, it suite for bottle surface UV ink dry ing solid process and flat surface UV ink dry ing solid process . such as various of UV ink,UV adhesives , UV paint curing. With the high efficiency UV light, it can finish the UV curing quickly, the high level of UV light can be adjusted, and set ting the right parameters for UV curing. LED display shows the c onveyor running speed , c onvenient to process operation. The machine body adopts the extra-thick stainless steel for hard ness and durable . UV lamp and transformers which are imported from United Kingdom that fit for special ventilation design, which can be max effectiveness. It suited for different UV curing process. This series of products is different with the traditional high-power, high-power UV equipment. I n order reduce the cost and improve output for our customer

1. Max width of Work piece: 400mm
2. Max height of Work piece: 320mm
3. Conveyer size of Machine Inner: 400*120mm (W*H)
4. Bottle mouth diameter: 12- 30 mm
5. Conveyer size: 400mm
6. Output: 1800~3000P cs /Hr
7. Conveyer transfer speed: 0-10m/min
8. UV lamp power: 4Kw
9. General power: 5Kw
10. Power supply: AC 380V/ 50Hz , 3-Phase
11. Machine dimension:
2100x750x1810mm (L*W*H)


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