Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Non Woven Bag Handle Pattern



The basic principle

When the ultrasonic generator enters 220V,at a current of 50Hz,the generator is working,Increase the input current frequency to 15-20KHz,that is,the output current of the ultrasonic generator is already 15-20KHz,the passes through the transducer,converting electrical energy into meachanical vibration energy,and the amplitude of the wave is adjusted by the luffing rod,the vibration wave of 15-20Hz is output in the luffing rod.


Machine Size :1200mm*540mm*950mm
Installation and debugging
When the user receives the machine, the machine has been basically installed. The customer only needs:

  1. Equipped with air pump, air pump pressure up to 8 kg can be;
  2. Place the ultrasonic generator (electric box) under the machine table along the slide.Insert the connectors at the end of the electric box (do not insert in the opposite direction). Turn on the power.Press the test button to see if the ultrasound is normal.Under normal conditions, the meter is at 0%,The upper gauge is within 20%;
  3. Connect the air source air pipe for 8 mm standard air pipe.The sides of two transparent white bottles connected to the entrance on the machine bracket,After the pipe is inserted, open the air source switch to supply air to the cylinder ;
  4. The material to be welded is placed on the machine in the right position for welding,Press the pedal switch of the machine with your foot to see the welding effect.If the welding is not firm, the delay device inside the electric box needs to be adjusted to prolong the welding time.need to rotate it clockwise to make numerical value bigger .If there is perforation in the welded material, the welding time is too long,at this time, it is necessary to rotate the counterclockwise delay device to shorten the welding time.
  5. (Note: The delay device is inside the electric box.Open the side panel of the electric box and you can see a square component with a number on the top.The top can be rotated by hand.)


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