Ultrasonic Quilting Machine



Description and function
Producing kinds of fiber textile, artificial leather, spraying rubber cotton, non-woven fabrics or the compound of needle-punched cotton. It can design pattern at random. The lining production of costume, bedspread, pillow, sofa and the production of inner decoration.

  1. This machine adopts the latest ultrasonic control cabinet with stable and strong power, which is suitable for long operation.
  2. There is computer core plate in it, and the multi-line ultrasonic protection system guarantees stable operation of mainframe.
  3. Structure of whole machine:(1)Embossing compound mainframe,(2)Ultrasonic control cabinet,(3)Finished products rewinding machine,(4)Bracket for putting materials.
  4. Without needlework that omits the bother of replacing line, and the product is beautiful.
  5. It has better outlook that is suitable for times.
  6. It can replace pattern at random according to request.

It has high stitching capacity with high efficiency.

Model LTY-1550 LTY-1850 LTY-2300
Effective breadth 1550mm 1850mm 2300mm
Output frequency 20KHz
Working speed 0~8M/min
Working temperature ≤ 28 ℃
Power 380V 50Hz(60Hz)



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