Tritan Plastic Sport Water Bottle



Item No. Capacity MEAS(cm)
TC-1021 550ML 51x41x46.5
TC-1022 650ML 53x43x49.5
TC-1023 800ML 56.5×45.5×52.5
TC-1024 1000ML 59x48x55.5
TC-7013 400ML 46X37.5X41.5
TC-7014 550ML 46X37.5X48.5
TC-7015 650ML 46X37.5X54.5
TC-2001 400ML 45.5X37.5X44.5
TC-2002 600ML 50.5X41.5X48.5
TC-2003 800ML 54.5X45X51.5
TC-1022B 500ML 42.9*36*45


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