TDY-300 Series Desktop Electric Pad Printer




I.  BRIEF INTRODUCTION TDY-300 series desktop electric pad printer is a new model which has been researched and developed recently in our company. The movements of this series adopt 90 circular and straight returning way. The types of TDY-300B and TDY300C are devised with ink box for convenient and clean operation, and also for keeping ink from seeping and drying. Areas of shift are widen for more information. TDY-300A type is adopted hard scraper to make letterform be clean and bright, as well as fast printing speed. It is convenient to adjust scraper and printing board. This series is applicable to printing on various shapes of objects based on all kinds of materials, which adopts electronic stepless shift that can be adjusted up to the skillfulness of the operators. II. FUNCTIONS: This series of printer is suitable for printing notes and signs like manufacture date, lot number and single designs on various types of metals, glasses and plastic materials, which can be applied in food ,beverage, cosmetics and small articles.

Voltage : 220w  50hz Power: 50w
Working speed: 20—60t/m Overall size: 435 × 405 × 560mm
Gross weight : 21kg Net weight : 19kg


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