Steel Stamping Mold For Heating Cover




name material name material No. part information part size estimated blanking size process NO. process name die size die set die weight PUNCH SET 45# PUNCH DIE FOR DRAWING SKD-11 part no. picture L W H DIE SET 45# BLANKING DIE SKD-11 1 C00017781  385×75 480×480 OP10      DR+TR+PI 1200 650 600 1 2.20 BACKING PLATE 45# PRESS RING SKD-11        PUNCH PLATE SKD-11 PUNCH DIE FOR DRAWING AND PIERCING SKD-11        HOLDING PLATE DIE AND PUNCH SKD-11          PIERCING PUNCH SKD-11          STRIPPER PLATE SKD-11   DIE DELIVERY TIME IS ABOUT 80 DAYS 2.20 SDK-11 IS ADOPTING WHOLE HEATING PROCESS,THE RIGITITY OF STELL COULD REACH HRC=60-62


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