Solar Water Heater For Home Using




There are three parts of non-pressurized solar water heater

  1. Solar tank : from 100Liter to 300Liter

Inner Tank: SUS 304-2B stainless steel, thickness: 0.41mm;
Outer Tank: Galvanized steel, thickness: 0.31mm;
Insulation layer: Polyurethane foam, thickness: 50mm;

  1. Solar Vacuum Tube:

AL-SS.CU coating: dia. 58mm, Length: 1800mm

  1. Solar Frame:

Galvanized steel, thickness: 1.5mm; Angle: 20-45 degree up to your country;

Model Absorber Area Tank Capacity
LTY-TF12-58/1.8 1.5 120L
LTY-TF15-58/1.8 1.88 150L
LTY-TF18-58/1.8 2.25 180L
LTY-TF20-58/1.8 2.5 200L
LTY-TF24-58/1.8 3 240L
LTY-TF30-58/1.8 3.75 300L


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