Solar Collector For Heating Water With Air Source Heating Pump



I. Manifold
Outer shell: Aluminum alloy 1.6mm
Flow passager: Red copper 35 diameter, 1mm thickness
II. Heat pipe
Header: 0.8mm thickness, 14mm diameter
Body: 0.6mm thickness, 8mm diameter
III. Anti-freeze for heat pipe: -30 degrees
IV. Absorbing fins: Aluminu, thickness: 0.25mm
V. Tube: Three-target styple which has about 10% effeciency more than Single target one. Hail resistant 25mm
VI. Frame: Aluminum 1.8thickness, angle: 45degree(customerized design )

1. Workstation works as the brain of the system, it controls the system works well, it is composed by pressure guage,
Flow meter, controller, circulation pump, check valve, expansion jar.
2. Air source Heat pump (family use)


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