Single Needle Servo Auto-Thread Cutting Computerized Quilting Machine



Description and function
LTY-A(series) computerized quilting machine, are sewing equipments for producing all kinds of bedding products. The sewing speed of them is very fast and the pattern is beautiful and refine. Overall arrangement of the F series is reasonable, and it insists on the way to combine innovation with advanced technology from abroad and home, let good jumping-off point, top grade and lead the advanced level in domestic districts as their aims. They are designed elaborately and improved again and again, nowadays, they have arrive at the most advance level in congeneric products.

  1. Adopt exact spline main shaft to drive, and the linear guide orbit device are used to move sewing head, this way not only enhance precison of moving, but also reduce noises.
  2. Use industrial control system to keep the machine run reliably, main shaft is driven by inverter, movement of X axis and Y axis by step moter driver.
  3. Set latest industrial control mainboard, enable to use USB-disk start while other disks in computer can not work, with function of running and furbishing controlling system.
  4. Capable of copying pattern and other files from USB-disk, and enable to use USB-disk plug and play.
  5. It’s convenient to copy or delete pattern files by pattern management function.
  6. With function of pattern viewing and rotating or mirroring pattern, capable of reading patterns of variety forms.
  7. Both forward and backward modes for retreat quilting, overlap stitch distance can be treated specially, and the stitch length can be changed.
  8. Trace seeking function makes needle quickly located in its position.
  9. Display quilting status at any time and prompt operation..
  10. Two quilting methods: forward and backward, and offer press buttons like forward, backward and needle thread etc.
  11. Offset function makes it available to join separated patterns accurately.
  12. Accompanied by change of defining pattern range and space, pattern size scales automatically.
  13. Supply two sets of pressing-foot device to sewing-head for your option in vary conditions. It’s very easy to change them.
  14. Single head, single needle, double-line locked style, big rotating shuttle.
  15. Self-detect breaking thread function, needle stays at upper position at pause time and machine stop working while thread breakage automatically.
  16. Testing system function, can detect the machine working status quickly, it used for repairing machine.
  17. Main shaft self-detect function effectively avoid the accident of breaking quilt, with protection function against exceeding in limit range.
Model LTY-26A LTY-28A LTY-30A LTY-32A LTY-35A
Quilt Size 2.6m×2.8m 2.8m×3.2m 3.0m×3.2m 3.2m×3.5m 3.5m×3.5m
Needle Drop Size 2.4m×2.6m 2.6m×3.0m 2.8m×3.0m 3.0m×3.3m 3.3m×3.3m
Machine Needle SINGER / SCHMETZ / GORZ  MR5 16~21#
Quilting-thick 1200g/m² 1000g/m²
Quilting Speed 500~2500(2800)SPM 500~2500(2800)SPM
Stitch Length 2~7mm
5.0m×3.5m×1.4m 5.4m×3.7m×1.4m 5.4m×3.9m×1.4m 5.8m×4.1m×1.4m 5.8m×4.4m×1.4m
Power AC 220V, 50Hz, 1.5Kw
Weight 1800Kg 1900Kg 2000Kg 2200Kg 2300Kg


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