Single Component Resin Dispensing Machine




Product feature: has the rotating button with scale and use it to control the volume of dispensing resin.
2.On the panel, there are the function which could switch from automatic metering dispensing to continuing dispensing glue.
3.small shape and save operation space. has large scope of pressure from 0.05mpa to 0.70mpa,so it also could dispense high viscosity resin material.

5. high sensitivity’s vacuum re-absorbing adjusting button to solve low viscosity material glue drop outside.

Model XD-100
Control method Electronic/pneumatic
Dispensing method Metering mode/manual mode
Dispensing pressure setup 0.05~0.70Mpa
Dispensing time setup 0.01-70s
Dispensing resolution ±0.05%
Prevent leaking Vacuum re-absorbing device
Time of dispensing Above 600 time/minute
Supply air pressure 0.5MPa
Power AC220V-240V.50Hz.10W
Outside dimension 240mm*150mm*60mm
weight 2kg

Electronic parts, led screen, circuits and electronic part. household electrical appliance, camera, light head, jewelry, relay, heating pipe and optics machine and high precision machine.
Dispensing material:
Soldering thick liquid, sliver paste, UV light glue, hardener, lubricant, epoxy resin, fast cured glue, silicone and so on.
Stick, sealing and filling, coating, make domes, dispensing and so on.


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