Simple Sticker Doming Machine For Labels




1.The LTY-768 simple double-liquid dispensing machine is mainly composed of three parts: imported 200 / 400ml pneumatic rubber mixing gun, single-liquid dispensing machine and ts1212 valve. Mainly used for perfusion fixed volume ratio (1:1 / 2:1 / 4:1 or 10:1), with manual, semi-automatic function, can be randomly set the amount of glue, dispensing time, simple structure, convenient operation. It is suitable for electronics, hardware, construction, glue, epoxy resin, shoes, power supply production, led packaging and other industry operations!

2.To import pneumatic hybrid gas gun for a long-term gas supply, using the pressure regulator to control the size of the gas supply (i. e., rubber speed), pneumatic hybrid rubber gun will ab rubber drum glue synchronization (rubber drum ratio is fixed), flow through the mixing pipe is mixed pipe internal spiral blade constantly cutting, restructuring, the two kinds of cement solution into several small points and achieve the purpose of the mixing evenly. Then through the single liquid dispensing machine to control the opening and closing of the ts1212 valve, to achieve different dispensing amount and different dispensing time, with manual and semi-automatic functions. Manual function is the foot switch, release the glue; semi-automatic function is to set the timing time, trigger the preset timing time, stop the glue, trigger the foot switch again and execute the set timing time again.


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