Semi Automatic Flat Sticking Labeling Machine




General Introduction
Labeling Application
Sticking adhesive paper labels or Clear Labels to Bottles or Products from Top
Suitable for Small Batch Labeling projects

Labeling Machines Features
Simple Manual Operation Label with a step pad
Labels blew and pumped on products with air cylinder
Flexible to work in any places
Photoelectric sensor to control the labeling on and off, Labeling accuracy is high
Made under GMP Standard
Special Designed for irregular shape products

Options Function for the Labeling Machine(Not included in the price)
Coder Printer to print batch number, production date, expiry date and so on on the label when labeling.
Special Sensor applied for transparent labels.
Customization as per customers’ requirements.

Labeling Machine Technical Parameters
Below is the technical parameter for standard machine:
Production capacity:  600~1800pcs/h(related to product size)
Labeling precision:  ±0.5-1mm(exclude product and label error)
Product size applicable:  25mm≤width≤100mm, 30mm≤ length≤200mm,
Label size applicable: 15mm≤width≤55mm, 15≤length≤80mm
Power supply: 220V 50Hz 0.7KW
Air supply:0.6MPA
Machine size: 650*350*600mm
Weight: 30KG
(The machine can be customized according to customer’s special requirement.)


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