Screw Type Air Compressor For Machinery



A . Compressor lubricating oil is to ensure that an important factor in life, use the KR
air compressor oil, the oil if the user caused by use of poor quality air compressor
piston rings, connecting rod, cylinder and other parts of early wear and tear, are not covered under warranty inside.
B . In maintenance, you must use the products the company offers accessories, such
as the use of non-parts of the company’s products, the company which products will not bear any responsibility.
C . Read the instruction manual, the correct use and maintenance, as a result of
improper installation, operation or repair, the user’s negligence, natural disasters,
war or violence are not caused by failure in the warranty.
D . During the warranty period, the manufacturing numbers by the removal, those who
wear or forged change, the company no longer provides free repair services and
replacement parts.
E . the Company due to the machine for indirect damage caused, the Company shall
assume the responsibility for compensation.
F . Forbidden to increase safety valve opening pressure. Without our permission, any
increase in system pressure valve, the pressure generated by the pressure switch
and the Company shall not be responsible for the accident.
G . Compressor oil, air filter elements are consumed, he should be replaced based on
usage, its replacement is not the normal consumption of the warranty.


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