Pu Breathable Laminated Film With Polyester Fabric Or Nonwoven Fabric



PU breathable membrane:
PU breathable membrane has superior wind permeability, corrosion resistance, low temperature and flame resistance characteristics, applies not only to people’s everyday sportswear, rainwear, footwear, bags and other requirements, but also meet in the cold, rain, snow, windy weatherwearing a demand to make the wearer feel light, comfortable and dry.

The principle of the PU breathable membrane:
Using hydrophilic nonporous interactive application in strenuous activities lead to an increase in body temperature, the moisture-permeable film by Brownian motion to vapor and body heat discharge. Low activity, breathable reduced to maintain body temperature. Present products emphasize permeability and a high degree of warmth and, the sweat condenses into sweat before being discharged. br

Product show:

PU breathable membrane High water resistance and excellent moisture permeability:
The Guosheng new materials are PU breathable membrane ,Thickness of only 15-25μm, feel extremely soft skin stickers. Has a high resistance to water pressure (10000mmH2OISO811) and the effect of high moisture (12000-14000g/m2, 24hrs ASTM E-96BW), to achieve the effect of wind, rain and moisture permeability.
Commodity :PU breathable membrane

Category /Performance Water Resistance
Moisture Permeability
Medium > 10000 > 12000 15-25 And TPU, TPU high temperature, water vapor permeabilitydifference TPU can not do color film
High > 10000 > 14000 15-25


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