Plastic Extrusion Blowing Molding Machine For 5L Bottle



1 LTY70D-2 is double station double head blow molding machine for 2L as maximum.
2 Its output for 40 grams 2L milk bottle is 500 BPH, daily capacity is 12000 bottles.
3 High-hardness alloy coating screw driven by SIEMENS motor for plasticizing 80 KG.
4 Adopt axial type translational clamping unit guided with linear rails for platen moving.
5 With two pneumatic cylinder for head lifting in balance, clean & easy for maintenance.
6 Optimized hydraulic system with mechanical shuttle valve for platen moving stability.
7 Total machine control & 100 point parison thickness control for better product quality.
8 Lubrication system, product clamping boards and scraps slide channels are included.


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