Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine




1. The suitable temperature is 25-28 degree. It is good to install thermometer in your workshop.
2. The machine can run 24 hours. For maintance, please stop the machine after half month.
3.  Please add mould oil on the mould every half month.
4. Please clear and put anti-rust agent on the mould which is taked out from the machine.
4. Please use good water for chiller, and put anti-rust powder sodium nitrite in the water.Â
5. It needs 200 liters oil for hydraulic oil pump. Please filter the oil every year.Â
6. It is good that there is one factory manager for machines.
After Sale Service:
1. Upon arrival of the machines at your factory, we will send an engineer to install and test all machines
     until qualified caps are produced. Engineer service is free in one week and you should finish the
     installation, maintenance and training in one week. If overtake one week, you should pay US$100 Â
    per day  to the us for every calendar day until all things are finished. You shall be liable for all theÂ
    expenses of air-tickets, food and housing of the Seller’s engineer, and a qualified  translator shall be Â
    made to the Seller’s engineer during the trip.
2. We shall train your qualified personnel to the operation, service and maintenance procedures of all
    machines and equipments.Â


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