Pet Material All In One Dehumidifying Dryer



Feature of LOYALTY dehumidifying dryer

1. LOYALTY Dehumidifier adapt UPO molecular sieve rotor, can reach a stable dew-point of less than -45ºC .
2. Closed-loop conveying device eliminates the possibility of moisture regain during material conveying.
3. Hot air recycler equipped as standard, featuring energy saving, no exhaust of hot air and dust, and environmental protection.
4 . Suitable for use on engineering plastic materials with strong absorption ability such as PA, PC, PBT, PET, etc.
5 . Integration of three functions in one machine , namely dehumidifying, drying and two-section material conveying. Three-section or four-section material conveying is also optional.
6 . Using dual-fin cooler design to ensure a lower return air temperature and dew-point.
7 . Equipped with material conveying, recycling and regenerating filter to keep the key components such as the fan and honeycomb from dust contamination.
8 . The conveying system contains a material cut-off valve to make sure no remains in the tube.
9 . Optional dew-point meter with real-time display of dew-point detected.
1 0 . With recyclable and resettable filter to make sure the honeycomb is not contaminated.
1 1 ) A thoughtful multiple security device built in.
1 2 ) Clear fault code display.

All-in-one compact drying, dehumidifying, two-stage conveying in one unit, easy to operate and energy saving.


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