PE Film Shoes Cover Making Machine




1. Disposable plastic shoe cover making machine can produce PE and CPE shoe covers, with the advantages of good quality, low price and high output, it can completely replace manual shoe covers, save labor and reduce costs, and can be customized according to customer requirements , The machine is automated.
2. The whole process of automatic operation from raw material feeding to layer product to product counting. Ultra-high-power ultrasonic welding is used to effectively fix the two ends of the shoe cover and the rubber band. The whole process from the feeding of raw materials to the finished product is automated, and only one person is required for the whole process.
3. Frequency conversion speed regulation.
4. The finished product is ready after feeding.
5. Automatic constant temperature control.
6. Combination of high-power ultrasonic welding and electric heating.

The equipment adopts ultrasonic heat sealing method, frequency conversion speed regulation, production of plastic PE and CPE material disposable plastic shoe covers, and completes integrated production from feeding to finished products.

Production Process: Automatic feeding Рimport Рfolding Рwelding Рforming and cutting

Technical parameter:
Mechanical Model:Model-PECPE
Machine size 1500mm*1500mm*1700mm (length*width*height)
Outer packing size 1650mm*1550mm*1300mm(L*W*H)
Output 120-165 pieces/min
Voltage 220v/380v (according to customer’s request)
Machine weight 600kg
Power consumption 3.5kw
Finished product size 400*160mm (length * width)
other models can be customized according to customer requirements Materials used Rubber band, plastic film


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