PE Breathable Film For Protective Clothes Laminating



amination film for diaper backsheet
breathable pe film was mainly used in sanitary backsheet or laminated with nonwoven fabric, used in diaper backsheet

Printing: Color max 6 colors available ink water base with the alternative of regular and urine indicator ink.
Embossing: The alternative of embosses or the  only one emboss pattern developed  by ourselves

compare to non-breathable film, they are following advantages
1 outstanding permeability
2 excellent and even moisture permeability,can dispose of heat and mosture effectively,
3 skin-friendly softness,excellent elasticity properties
4 best physical properties

Compare to the non-breathable baby diaper:
perspiration and eczema decrease a lot,other irritation decrease 50% and the skin of children keeps well

It is used as a back sheet material as a non-crush waterproof cover of disposable Baby diapers and adult diapers or sanitary napkins for women.
As it has superior color fastness and strength, it is used as a material for the individual packaging of disposable sanitary towels.  Recently, utilizing non-woven fabric, it is applied to products to improve cloth-like film.


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