Non-woven Box Bag Making Machine



1. Flat bag (D-cut bag or C-cut bag)
2. Flat bag with handle (U cut or W cut bag)
3. Box bag with handle
4. Flat handle bag
5. -6.Drawstring bag(shoes bag)
Note:the non-woven fabric can be laminated

Machine Introduction
This machine adopts mechanical, electrical, optical and pneumatic integration technology, Its a advanced equipment and has the function of automatic handle loop bonding(speed up to 75pcs/min, equal to 5 workers bonding speed or 5 handle loop bonding machine), suitable for producing different specs and shapes of non-woven fabric bags(handbags, flat bags, vest bags and drawstring bags etc.). Which can replace the traditional handle-sealing, reduce labor and manufacturing cost , vast apply to the packing of costume, shoes, wine, gift etc.
Machine Advantage:

  • We design and develop this machine according to many customers feedback, as our latest design, its features elegancy and high efficiency.
  • Compare to the old generations, this machine could largely save space, labor and your production time.
  • Adopts top brand electricity, optical and pneumatic components, features reliable, long working life and easy maintenance.
  • All the bags adopts thermal bonding by ultrasonic welding(Taiwan top brand ultrasonic device), features strong sealing effective, high speed, tidy and environmental friendly.
  • With experienced engineers and well-trained technical workers and continuous innovation and reform, ensure our machines quality and mechanical stability.
  • Equipped with auto loading device, Taiwan touch screen, computer control, auto feeding, counting and stopping, easy to operate, one or two person can handle it easily.
  • With CE certification and ISO9001 certification.

Machine Features

  • This machine adopts top brand PLC touch screen, which can be edited.
  • Auto counting and stopping when setting numbers freely;
  • High voltage static processor and auto constant temperature heating controller;
  • Equipped with stepping motor(computer fixed length), manual unwinding magnetic powder tension controller, photoelectric tracking, printing color mark track orientation, auto counting and alarming, auto punching and auto bonding handle etc., which make it accurate and stable, firm sealing and beautiful products.
  • All of the bags adopts thermal bonding by ultrasonic welding, such as bag mouth folding, side sealing etc. which makes the machine fast and easy to operate.
  • The vest bag automatic punching machine is optional when do the vest bags.

Machine Technical Parameters:

Model LTY L-E700 LTY L-E800
Bag width 100-800mm 100-800mm
Bag height 200-600mm 200-700mm
Handle Loop Length 380-600mm 380-600mm
Bag Material Basis Weight(thickness) 35-100g/ 35-100g/
Handle Material Basis Weight(thickness) 60-100g/ 60-100g/
Production Speed 20-120pcs/min 20-120pcs/min
Handle Bonding Speed 30-75pcs/min 30-75pcs/min
Power Supply 380v/220v 380v/220v
Total Power 18kw 22kw
Overall Dimension 11500*2600*2100mm 12000*2700*2300mm
Weight 4000KG 4200KG

The Machine Configuration :

Feeding device 1set
Folding and traction device 1set
Vertical folding device 1set

Feeding device :

unwinding method Magnetic powder tension control
Clamping device Inflatable shaft  φ3″ ( φ76mm )
Unwinding diameter φ1000mm

Control device and unwinding device :

Clamping device Inflatable shaft φ3″ ( φ76mm )
Correction device Use automatic correction system
Automatic stop without material Using automatic travel switch stop material ,high precision
Feeding board Stainless steel board ( triangle )
Electril control system Non-woven bag ( two drive ) bag making system
Ultrasonic system 300mm2pcs (Taiwan)
70mm5pcs ( Wenzhou Zhengxing )
55mm 6pcs(Wenzhou zhengxin)
Temperature control system Temperature control components  1pcs
Operation method The man-machine touch
Relay Omron
Pneumatic element AirTAC (Taiwan)

Commonly used appliances brand :

Temperature displayer CHINT temperature meter , show preheat roll surface temperature
Commonly electrical components/switch CHINT
Frequency converter DEVER(Taizhou)
Frequency motor Dott ( Taiwan )
photocell Italy

others :

Screen Weinview (Taiwan) ( LCD touch screen ) built-in PLC
Bear Japan bear company (most)


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