Multi-needle Computerized Quilting Machine



Description and function
LTY C Series are controlled by computer, can make out hundreds of patterns, and can be used in clothing, bedding, sofa products area.

  1. Saves machine memory in case of power failure, and preserves pattern memory when machine power is turned off.
  2. Enlarges or reduces the size of design vertically or horizontally, and is capable to make rotating patterns.
  3. Corrects defective design or enhanced existing design without repunching. The color CRT monitor allows you to edit quickly and accurately.
  4. M/C stops automatically and details for the causes of stop are displayed on the CRT screen when ever there happens abnormalities on computer, servo-motor and or mainbody of M/C.
  5. Error massages are displayed on the monitor until the condition in corrected.
  6. By 1 4 ″ color CRT monitor. Shows information on current ob graphically and by status message(e.g. stitches number, coordinate value, etc.)job.



Model LTY64C LTY94C LTY118C
Working width 6 4 ″(162cm) 9 4 ″(238cm) 11 8 ″(299cm)
Needle 128( 1 ″pitch) 188( 1 ″pitch) 236( 1 ″pitch)
Needle rows 2 or 3
Carriage stroke 1 2 ″(30cm)
Dimensions (L×W×H) 4.06m ×1.75m×1.9m 4.8m ×1.75m×1.9m 5.43m ×1.75m×1.9m
Motor Step motor
Stitch type Shuttle
Shuttle 7# 10#
Working speed 400~600R/M
Power 380V 5.4KW

Model 7# 10# Needle Crankle hook Tool Cam
Shuttle Shuttle shelf Shuttle Shuttle shelf
LTY64C 140Pcs 70Pcs 140Pcs 70Pcs 300EA 35EA 1SET 100EA
LTY94C 200Pcs 100Pcs 200Pcs 100Pcs 400EA 50EA
LTY118C 250Pcs 125Pcs 250Pcs 125Pcs 500EA 65EA


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