Lty80s-1t Extrusion Blowing Molding Machine For 30L Bottle



1 LTY 80S-1T is single station view stripe blow molding machine for 30L as maximum.
2 Output for 850 grams 20L stackable jerrycan is 50 Pcs/hour, daily capacity 1200 Pcs.
3 Output for 1KG 25L stackable jerrycan is 48 Pcs/hour, daily capacity is 1150 Pcs.
4 Continuous extrusion single head of transparent line design with refined metal process.
5 High efficiency extrusion system generally suit able for LDPE, HDPE and PP material.
6 Adopt nether bent arm central clamping unit guided with linear rails for platen moving.
7 Optimized hydraulic system with mechanical shuttle valve for platen moving stability.
8 Fast responding machine total control system with 100 point parison thickness control.
9 It s suitable for on-line auto deflashing mould and cancave handle trimming device.
10 Lubrication system, product clamping boards and scraps slide channels are included.
Max Product Volume 30 L
Dry Cycle Time 7.5 Second
Pre-heating Time 3-3.5 Hours
Machine Weight 8.8 T
Machine Size 4.6*2.45*2.95 m


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