Lty55D-2 Extrusion Blowing Molding Machine For HDPE Bottle



Machine Model Double Station Double Head
Max Product Volume 1000 ML
Dry Cycle Time 4.5 Second
Pre-heating Time 1.5~2.0 Hours
Machine Weight 4.5 Tons
Machine Size 3.2*2.1*2.3 m
Screw Diameter 55 mm
Length/Diameter Ratio 24:1
Heating Zone No. 3
Heating Power 11.6 KW
Cooling Fan No. 3
Fan Power 0.15 KW*3
Extrusion Motor Power 15 KW
Plasticizing Capacity 65 Kg
Clamping Force 56 KN
Platen Size 290*360 mm
Platen Moving Distance 375 mm
Platen Opening Stroke 130-380 mm
Max Mould Size 310*360 mm
Mould Thickness 135-230 mm


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