LTY-SCP-500 Double Shaft Shredder



Model : LTY-SCP-500
Main motor: 22KW*2PCS
Kind of drive: speed reducer-H2HH4-18-B*2PCS
Hydraulic oil motor: 2.2KW, Work pressure : 18MPA, wheel pump, hydro cylinder is controlled by PLC.
Rotary blades: 16pcs ( material: SKD-11 )
Shredded room size: 500mm
Feeding mouth size:950*750mm
Speed of rotor: 80r/min
Principal axis tactical diameter:φ300mm
Electronical parts brand:delixi
Bearing brand:ZWZ
The size of machine:2200*1300*1200mm
Machine weight:2600KG

There is a baffle plate equipped at the front of the propeller to prevent the material rebounding.
Blade material: SKD-11; knife with “V” shaped installation, so that the blade material cutting across the work evenly, reducing energy consumption, reduce noise; each of the knife has four cutting edges, wear and tear can be rotated 90 ° after the continued use; rotor blade removable, easy to clean, maintain, maintenance


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