LTY-400E Curved Surface Screen Printing Machine For Plastic Bottle




Curved screen printing machine
Suitable for printing on the surface of cylindrical, conical and oval object; such as lipstick, cosmetic bottles, scour bottles, drink bottles, pots, oil-filter shell etc, the materials that is made of metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, and so on. With the perfect design and innovation technology, ensure the fast printing speed and good printing quality 。

1. Advanced computerized system control
2. Built-in LED digital counter
3. Suitable for printing on round, cylindrical, oval or flat project
4. Light-weight, strong aluminum cast machine frame
5. Squeegee/flood bar depth, pressure, speed, leveling, and stroke etc., are all adjustable to fit your various printing needs.
6. Horizontal movement of screen frame can be adjusted to fit your various printing needs.

Specifications :
1. Thickness of printing matter: 0~350 mm
2. Max Printing area : Φ 120 mm , 360 × 220 mm
3. Max gradient for Work piece : 14 °
4. Air pressure : 6 Bar
5. Air consumption : 500 Liter / Min
6. Power voltage: 220V /50Hz
7. Power consumption : 50 W
8. Machine dimension : 1080 × 850 × 1280mm
9. Machine weigh: 145Kg


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