LTY-160DZ Pneumatic 4 Colors Pad Printing Machine With Conveyor




Parameter of Machine:

Item Number: LTY-160DZ Printing colors: Four
Printing Speed 1800pcs/ hour Distance of U tray 114.3mm
Max metalic plate: 100x150mm(4”x6”) Max printing Size: 75x 120mm
Work table size: 80x110mm Track of pad 160mm
Adjustabe to pads size on target products 10-60 mm Adjustabe to pads size on the metallic plate 10-60 mm
Voltabe of source 220 VAC/ 1 Phase 20W Air supply 6 Bar
Dimention: 892mm* 823mm*1312mm Net Weight 180 KGS

Feature of this Machine:
1. Fast printing speed .Per time print 4 colors
2. Accurate positioning,4 printing position be fixed by side-pressed positioning which is accurate and stable.
3. This machine is controlled by the most advanced microcomputer systerm, equipped with four digit auto counter;
4. According to customer needs to pre-program two functions, single cycle of printing and automatic printing;
5. The pneumatic elements are imported from Germany FESTO , which power is smoother and strong durabling;
6. The height of doctor blade could adjust to meet different thickness of matalic plate
7. The Alloy Cast Aluminium body is lighter and durable, looks more nice;
8. The opeartion panel is touch sensitve system,which will react quickly and conveniently
9. All the spare parts in CNC process , more nice and precise.
10.Powder spray surface coating has better solvent resistance

The parameter of each cylinder:

Name of Cylinder Size Supplier Pression 4bar 5bar 6bar
Cylinder for pads up/down Dia: 50X80 FESTO Rise pressure 66kgf 82.5kgf 99kgf
Drop pressure 78.5kgf 98.2kgf 117.8kgf
cylinder for pads front/back Dia:32X160 FESTO Forward pressure 28.3kgf 35.3kgf 42.4kgf
Fall back pressure 23.8kgf 29.7kgf 35.6kgf
Cylinder for blade Doctor Dia: 50X10 FESTO Rise pressure 66kgf 82.5kgf 99kgf
Scrape oil pressure 78.5kgf 98.2kgf 117.8kgf
cylinder for work table moving Dia:40X160 FESTO Forward pressure 50.3kgf 62.8kgf 75.4kgf
Fall back pressure 44.1kgf 55.2kgf 66.2kgf
cylinder for turn table position Ф20X10X4pcs FESTO Fixed pressure 12.57kgf 15.71kgf 18.85kgf
Fall back pressure 10.6kgf 13.2kgf 15.8kgf

Our Service:
1 The gurantee time is 2 years, and maintain is lifelong. During this period, if any workpiece does not work which is the uncontrolled reason and not caused by worker, we will provide it free of charge, but the carrier cost must be in buyer’s side. And the machine have matched a urgent foot switch.
2 The suppier must sure the machine works well before packageing. If Buyer could not operate the machine, the suppier must try their their best, and without reserve to teach the buyer completely.
3 MOQ: 1 pc
3 Lead time: 5-15 days when receive your payment.


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