LTY-150 Sleeve Labeling Machine



Equipment brief introduction

  • Synchronized transmission,any change of transmission belt will be finished quickly.Compared to the type of traditional multilayer whose change and maintain need more than six hours ,it’s maintenance is easy and maintain is simple ,so it doesn’t influence production.
  • Unit cutter head plane design in China which apply to the container of ∮ 30mm— ∮ never need to change or debug it.It also has unique light touch human-machine screen,that means,auto search original location as well as safety and convinence which is ahead of other congener products.
  • Single shrinking label feed plane ,rensonal height which is convinent to fix the label;micro-computer auto figure which avoid enactment and adjustment .you only need to press it lightly ,the label will detect and locate automatially.The change of label is quick and convinent,besides,the cutt place is absolutely exact .
  • Label feeding equipment:driving synchronized tensility control the supply of label ,the supply ability is 90meters per minite,volume label supply plane is ∮ 500mm,the internal diameter of paper tube will be 4’ ,8’,10’ .the configuration of label feeding is stable tensility which enable the exact length of label and the stable ,quick supply of label.
  • The center pillar apply step by step shoot label structure and the speed is 150B per minite.
  • The newly designed cutter head use step by step motor driving which speed is high ,action is exact,the cut is in order and the shrinking is beautiful.This design coorperate with the label synchronized location structure enable the precision of cut location within 1mm.
  • Many emergency stop buttons enable emergency stop at the proper position along the production which gurantee the safe production.
  • Special designed heat wind shringking tunnel use high pressure wing machine which makes the shrink effect perfect. Compare with the traditional shrink tunnel which cannot shrink curved bottle,this head wind shrink tunnel can make the shrink effect satisfying.
  • The new style steam shrink tunnel improve the eficiency highly. It applies to different and unequal round bottle ,flat bottle ,square bottle etc.The adjustment and maintain is convenient ,the shrink is in order. The spout of steam use use the separation style which make the tunnel smooth.The spout mouth is divided into four parts and the height ,place and quantity of steam of every part can be adjusted in order to make the shrink effect perfect .the low pressure steam bag use the seamless steel tube design and every connect tube use stainless steel soft tube ,so the disassembly and fixing id very covenient. The whole machine uis made of stainless steel ,so it is heat preservation and save energy sources, besides ,it accord with the international safety standard.The stainless steel plane at the bottom can condensate water and drainage thnm. The reductor and transportation machine is made by international famous brand—Spirax Sarco which working environment cannot be influenced. there are two eye window in front and at the back of the box body.the waterproof design of the whole machine is made of stainless steel which makes the operation and maintain convenient.

Main technical parameters of the equipment:
Voltage: 1.   Host machine; AC220V, 50/60HZ, 1.5-2KW, single-phase
2.  Shrinking machine: AC380V, 50/60HZ,18KW(steam heat )  / three phase
3.  Production speed: 9000 b/h
The standard length of label is 100mm and the speed can be adjusted accord to customer’s requirments. The speed willl be faster if the label is shorter.
4.  Diameter of bottle body : ∮ 28mm- ∮ 125mm
5.  Length of label: 30mm-250mm
6.  Thickness of label: 0.035mm-013mm
7.  Material of label : PVC 、 PET 、 OPS
8.  Size of equipment:
Bulk of steam shrinking label: L1800mm*W500mm*H1500m


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