Hospital Bed Curtain Repeat Folding Machine



This machine could fold many layers of paper,filter paper,nonwoven fabric,felt and non-metal web.

Model: LTY-2000F
Max product width 2000mm or 2400mm or 2800mm
Folding layers 1-3 layers
folding thickness 0.2mm -4mm
Folding speed 8-25 folding times/minute
Frenquency  conversion motor 1.5KW
Pre-heating power 8KW
Temperature control scope 0-200 centigrade degree
Machine weight 1860KG
Machine size 1600*2600*1700
Applicable material Muti-layer filter paper,paper,nonwoven fabric,felt and non-metal web
Structure description
This machine is consisted by machine frame,fabric feeding table,fabric output table,machine body transmission part and up-press plate holding device.
1.the function of machine frame is used to fix motor and machine main body.
2.the feeding table is including press roll,it is used to make folding fabric flat and transfer into folding machine vertically.
3.the function of  fabric output table and counter-force device is used to collect and squeeze the fabric which already is folding and let them stay together tight.
4.Machine main body and transmission part includes up-folding blade,down-folding blade,small and big cam,transmission part and so on.its function is that when small and big cam,vertical and level slide block moving to make two blades fold fabric up and down to make sure folding fabric.
5.The function of Up-press-fabric plate holding device is to make sure folding size of height when folding,after folding,it could raise up-press plate automatic and take out folding fabric.


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