Epoxy Resin Sticker Doming Machine




LTY-WD450-D epoxy doming dispenser is applied stable valume ratio pump providing required epoxy proportion, static mixing and dynamic mixing tube to achieve chemical A&B on-line mixed. Planer type 3 axis ensure the machine sets postion and injects glue automatically.


LTY-WD450-D series Epoxy dominig dispenser is developed and manufactured for covering epoxy on the top of plate labels, logos, name borad, trademarks,
Promotion items ect. With several guns working at one time, specially developed for big orders. For complicated and sophisticated products that can use digital camera position setting block to achieve precision position setting. With Online chemical A&B mixing, quantity injection and camera visual correction, orbital injection 4 functions together to achieve working automatically.


IIPR(Independent Intellectual Property Rights) program software, easy operation, with a little traning that can operate the machine.

IIPR(Independent Intellectual Property Rights) two-component ratio matching system, simple but high efficient, precise measurement.

Several guns working together, quantity injection stablity and controble.

Full series selection visual postion block to achieve sophisticated products precision position setting, meanwhile to reduce the mold cost.

All liquid route system has constant temperature system to stop changable enrivoment temperature effecting the injection quantity of the glue.

Designed and developed for labor tensive industry, with high cost performance.


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