Crystal Plastic Drop Machine




Features :
1. Automatic mix/meter.Then handle dispensing.
2. Have a big capability cartridge,no need to transfer material,avoid waste.
3. Adopted with pneumatic double-liquid valve can interrupt the flow quickly without dripping.
4. Static mixer is used which can mix liquid evenly.Mix evenly and quickly.
5. The auto-cycling function can reduce labour intensity and increase the production.
6. Digital circuit timing controlling technology was used,and the dispensing time can be set through the digital dial.
7. The pedal/ring/inductive switches can be chosen.
8. Complete accessories.
Standards :               CE approved
Control: by air and electric
Mixing method:           automatic and static mixer
Tank: 4 KG
Operating Model: manual /timer/cycle
Leak-proof function:        valve with vacuum device
Liquid ratio: 1:1-1:3(can be adjusted)
Dispensing time:            0.001S–99.99s
Cycles(interval) time:       0.1S-9.9S
Repeatability:              ±0.01%
Frequency:                more than 300times/minute
Input air pressure:           1bar-7 bar (100 psi) maximum
Output air pressure:          0.1bar-7bar
Voltage:                   110 VAC or 220 VAC 50HZ
Internal voltage:             24 VDC
Weight:                    58Kg
Size: 75 X 42 X 30 CM


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