Computerized Ultrasonic Quilting Machine



Auto Ultrasound Quilting/Embossing Machine (With cross horns)

1- Adopt ultrasonic technology to weld and stitch the fabric together without needle and thread. 2- High speed and high productivity, strong welding strength, stable quality.
3- Different rollers and patterns can be designed according to different material and different products requirements.

  1. Humanity control design, easy to operate and understand.
  2. Structure of machine 1) Fabric feeding rack 2) Pattern press compound machine 3) Ultrasonic control cabinet 4) End fabric rolling device or cross cutter.

Producing the compounding of spout gum cotton, non-woven fabrics and needle cotton with chemical fiber fabrics, artificial leather products. It is applied to the production of mattress, multi-cover, bedcover, bed sheet, blanket, seat cushion, winter jacket, robes, polo cases, apron, sleeping bag, show jacket, car seat cover, sofa, etc.
Suitable material
Fabrics of synthetic composition over 30%,polyster,nylon,tetoron,sponge,nonwoven fabric, thermo-plastic film, compounding of spout gum cotton, artificial leather, TC,PU,PP, PE, etc.
Straight horns Cross horns
Advantage compare with straight horns structure:

  1. No gap between each horn, no need to care that horns can touch and burn every day, also no wrinkles on fabrics while working.
  2. For straight horns structure, gap between each horn must be 1~1.5 mm. If too small, horns will touch easily each other and ultrasonic box& horn will burn. If too big gap, you will see the wrinkle in below picture

Technical parameter

Model Power supply Speed Effective width Max quit thickness Machine
LTY- JT- 3000 -S 380V, 3 phase 0~10m/min 3000mm Cotton: 300gsm
Fabric: Any thickness
5×3.5×1.8m 3500 KG

Machine 1.55M price(Straight horns): USD/pc FOB Shanghai, HS code: 84472030 Machine 1.6M price(Cross horns): USD/pc FOB Shanghai, HS code: 84472030 Price of extra roller width 1.6M: USD/pc with normal sealing dots
USD/pc with deeper dots for thick wadding 160~300gsm


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