Computerized Oscillating Cutter For Clothes And Fabric



Precautions before use:
1. there are high voltage circuits in this product, please do not open the electronic control box door.
2. may not be modified or repaired without the permission of the authorized responsible organization, it may
cause electric shock or fire. The Company shall not bear any responsibility for the accident caused by the
modification without the permission of the authority and responsibility organization.
3,In case of (odour, smoke, noise) phenomenon, please cut off the AC power immediately, do not repair by
yourself, please contact the after-sales personnel directly.
4,Power system must be grounded, no grounding will lead to electric shock and operation errors.
5,Don’t use the equipment for a long time
6,The power supply of the equipment must use the specified rated power supply
7,For the sake of safety when cleaning the equipment, the power supply of the equipment must be cut off
before it can be cleaned. The power supply of the equipment may be electrocuted when touching the
equipment without cutting off, and life will be dangerous when it is serious.
8,For safety, please use this equipment in the appropriate environment, please do not use the hands of
water to operate the equipment, will lead to electric shock, do not use this equipment in wet environment.
9,The operator shall first understand the equipment before using the equipment.


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