Computerized Flat Knitting Machine For Muslin Cap



Model: L TY- HJ 252C
Knitting Width: Max.52inch(132cm)
Needle Gauge: 12G
Knitting System: 2
Function: Knitting, tucking, missed loop, transfer including transfer from front to rear, from rear to front or transfer to each other.
Applicable Fabric: Cable, transfer, pointelle, shaped knitting, single-layer jacquard with missed loops, double-layer jacquard(maximum 6 color within one knitting round), engraved pattern, etc.
Needle Bed: Smaller needle bed, less friction which makes the knitting system move more smooth and quicker.
Needle Selection: The special electronic selector can select the needle for the efficient, and can be capable for fine needle and high speed knitting.
Needle Jack: New designed electronic needle jack which is smaller and more efficient
Feeder: 8 feeders mounted on both sides of the four trail of the machine and could be controlled by computer to any place within knitting range.
Sinker: Special sinker and control device which makes knitting more convenient for comprehensive fabric.
Pattern Storage: Hard Disk Media, Maximum storage is 2G.
Knitting Speed: Automatically, speed control with the capability to adjust slightly on each level. Max.1.2m/s.
Drive Type: Computer control, AC servomotor.
Density Control: Section electrical control with the capability to adjust slightly on each section. Tucking density is not necessary when there is knitting and tucking within one knitting round.
Shaker: 2 inches shaking range from left to right. Support non-integral shaking control using section electrics device and on each section its minimum shaking is 0.0125mm.
Winding Device: Newly developed automatic winding device which improves knitting efficiency obviously.
Stop Device: Stop automatically with signal and sound alarm when yarn breakage, yarn knot, needle broken, defect fabric, overload or program error.
Operation Lamp: Green–Knitting, Yellow–Jogging, Red–Stops abnormally.
Power: Single phase AC220V,0.75Kva.
Safety Protection: Equipped with electricity safety protection.
Dimension: 2,500mm(L),620mm(W),1,800mm(H)
Weight: Net. 700KG


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