Carbide Tipped Magnetic Core Drill Bit



Aluminum annular cutter HSS M2 universal shank magnetic core drill bit

  • TCT & HSS Annular Cutter, with unique types geometry and Random-space tips provide clearly cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface ad long tool life, improving efficiency for multiple times than general twist¬†drills.
  • When matching magnetic drill machine, it coule conduct multi-direction drilling from front, side and top of the processed workpiece, and the drilling will not be restrained by auxiliary equipment, it is portable and convenient.
  • The cutting power is 80% of twist drill. For example, radial drilling machine, the normal drilling of twist drill is 80mm in diameter, but for annular cutter is 200mm in diameter.
  • TCT & HSS Annular Cutter can be used on all kinds of magnetic drills like Nitto, Hougen, Janoy, Alfra, Ruko; as well as drilling machines and electric drill in rotary mode and all kinds of drilling presses with all types of shank.
  • Fractional and metric sizes are available. It can be widely used in drilling steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, in either plate or pipe form.


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