Car Decorative Needle Punching Nonwoven Fabrics




goods name:needle punching nonwoven fabrics
craft:needle punching
weight:90 to 1000gsm
color:black,white,yellow,orange,pink ,green
thickness:0.5mm to 5mm
material:viscose,polyester,or PP.
Width if the goods in rolls type:18cm to 300cm
Goods type:in roll,in bags, in pieces .Finished goods or materila are both ok.
Goods introduction:

Needle punched nonwovens are Manufactured by, carded, combed, the pre-acupuncture, It is based on polyester, polypropylene materials. Centers screening cloth sandwich, and then by the double-channel nuclear Management, machine needle into cloth, pressure filter cloth after a three-dimensional structure by heat setting, singeing the surface most chemical oil  , so that the cloth looks smooth and uniform pore distribution and density of the product from the surface, smooth surface on both sides and breathable


geotextile, geomembrane, the halberd flannel, speakers
Blanket, cotton blanket, embroidered cotton clothing cotton, Christmas crafts,artificial leather fabric filter material for cloth.


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