Bicycle Handlebars




Single lock sponge handle cover
smooth sand rubber handle cover

Product features

The function is shock absorption, reducing the vibration of the bike onuneven ground and transmitting to the human body.
The shape is more suitable for the hand to grasp, so it is suitable for variousmovements. Suitable for professionals in off-road crossing. Flat bikes aresuitable and very useful for climbing hills and are safer. The sleeve is alsolocked and unlocked, and the effect is that the sleeve is not easy to fall off.

No. Sku Description of Goods Color/size
1 BT1001 Single lock sponge handle cover Black / red – 25
Black / black – 125
Green / black – 25
Red / black – 25
blue/black -25
Red / red – 25
2 GMBT1001 smooth sand rubber handle cover Black – 1650
Red – 300
Blue – 50


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