Automatic Spreading Machine For Towel



Cloth feeding machine(spreader) characteristic:
1) The machine is used in front of the ironing machine or folding machine to improve safety and eliminate industrial injury;
2) Reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce two labor people in a single line, and reduce the labor operation cost;
3) High-speed automatic distribution, save time, improve work efficiency, increase output by more than 30%; and reduce production cost;
4) Equipped with 4 powerful fans pumping, pre-pumping part of the water in the linen, to improve the efficiency of the subsequent ironing and folding process, and reduce energy consumption;
5) Brush flat linen on both sides of the leaf, remove wrinkles, improve flatness, synchronous air absorption cloth, tightly absorb the bed sheet transmission, prevent the bed sheet or quilt cover is inhaled at the bottom can not send cloth, whether the bed cover or bed sheet can achieve 100% cloth success;
6) Special air duct and air volume adjustment system, for the bed sheets / quilt covers can be freely adjusted freely, super suction automatic shake flat effect is good, more energy saving.
7) Improve the ironing effect of bed sheets, quilt covers and tablecloth, improve the quality, improve the competitiveness, and improve the customer satisfaction.

Model SBJ-3300
Carding width ( mm ) 0~3300mm
Motor Power (kw) 0.75
Inverter Power (kw) 5+0.75
Fan motor (kw) 0.6 x 4
Hairbrush motor power (kw) 0.55 x 2
Power supply (V/P/Hz) 380/3/50
Power consumption (kw/h) 4
Overall Dimension (mm) 450 0*1 20 0* 170 0
Machine Weight (kg) 1 20 0


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