Automatic Double Fold And Plating Machine



Product Description
Machine type LTY541F
This machine is used for fabric double fold rolling in textile factory, like cotton fabric, dying factory and so on.
C haracteristic
1.this machine is making by welding strongly, fold steel to form machine shape, the design is pretty and good quality.
2.Photonic and hydraulic system to control the same level of fabric edging, less fabric edging error.
3.fabric rolling speed is controlled by frequency conversion system. is automatic machine and easily operation
5.this machine uses computerized meter counter, it is correct and precise.
T echnical parameter
Folding width 1200-1800mm
M ax length diameter of plating rolling oval 700mm
F abric edging rolling error L ess than 10mm
F abric rolling speed 5-50m/min
M achine size 3350*3200*3000mm
W eight 1200kg


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