Automatic Computerized Epoxy Resin Sticker Doming Machine




Equipment parameters: Model type:LTY-EAB-1
Equipment characteristics:

01, adopt precision gear metering pump or screw pump metering, long life, wear resistance;
02, XYZ big trip, RBI, drawing lines, planes, painting round;
03, high adhesive accuracy, high spit accuracy, high repetition accuracy;
04, simple operation;
Function description:
The double-step motor pushes the precision gear pump or screw pump to measure, effectively preventing the glue filling from wearing on the pump;
02, double bucket design, AB materials stored separately, to ensure that raw materials are placed for a long time without curing;
03, AB bucket top stirring device to prevent glue precipitation, has a heating function, glue bucket seal, reserved vacuum defoaming function and automatic feeding function
04, the storage tank is equipped with a liquid level induction switch, the lack of automatic alarm, when the glue is lower than the liquid level, automatic alarm automatic lock machine, automatically unlock after adding;
05, touch screen + PLC control, Chinese and English operation interface, anti-static operation programming, simple and practical operation, ordinary workers learned all the operating methods in 5 minutes;
06, the proportion of glue can be adjusted, the amount of glue can be adjusted, and two numbers can be changed on the touch screen;
07, spit glue speed, spit glue time can be set by numbers, the amount of glue is stable;
08, AB uses dynamic or static mixing valve, mixing uniform, sufficient, no pulling wire, no dripping glue;
09, AB glue valve anti-curing function, only need to open the anti-curing function, equipment automatic interval anti-curing, effectively prevent the glue in the mixing tube cure;
10, AB rubber valve automatic cleaning function(dynamic mixed valve), only need to touch the cleaning switch button, equipment automatic cleaning completed, no need to remove the mixing pipe;
11, XYZ three-axis manipulator effective stroke: 400 * 400 * 100mm(customized according to customer requirements);
12, XY axis for stepping motor + synchronization technology;
13, XYZ axis repetition accuracy: ± 0.02 mm;
14, XYZ mechanical tracks are simple to write, handwritten writing program, can read and write CAD pattern data;
15, XYZ manipulator has the functions of RBI, drawing lines, planes, semi-arcs, irregular circles, and continuous linkage of irregular curves, which can adapt to any irregular objects;

S cope of application:

Glue machine is often used for waterproof power supply gumming, LED display gumming, energy saving lamp gumming, power supply gumming, LED lamp gumming, computer power gumming, relay module gumming, sensor gumming, PCB board gumming, solar panel gumming, coil inductive gumming, soft lamp gumming, Point light source glue etc..


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