Air Cooled Cased Industrial Chiller



Air Cooled Cased Industrial Chiller
Features :
1 , The inside safety protection can guarantee the long lasting of the chiller well. The pump is used made in Taiwan and all parts of cooling system are imported from the USA .Mexico .Denmark and Japan.
2 , ·Equipped with shell pipe condenser and stainless steel cased evaporator, which are quite easy to be cleaned and maintained . There is automatic water supply device in the water-tank. Air cooled cased chiller with board type evaporator is suitable for the district of lack of water resource and district of poor water quality.
3 , Larger than model LTY -20 are assembled 2 sets or 4 sets of compressors, so they are able to used as separate or together to reduce the resource waste.
4 , Complete with safety protection and error indication system, including compressor over load protection, pump over load protection, high pressure and low pressure protection and phase failure protection.
5 , Equipped with figure intellectualized temperature controls, which can accurately measure and control water temperature within the range of 5 ºC ~35 ºC .


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