5 Colors Full Auto UV Screen Printing Machine For Plastic Bottle




High-speed Automatic UV Curing Screen Printing System

Application :

It is designed for 1-5 color screen printing of round or elliptical plastic or glass containers for washing products, cosmetics, foods, medicines and decorative products.

Technical features :

1 The speed is the fastest in China. And it is in the leading position in international markets.

2 The PLC programmable controller and touching screen has been employed. So it is stable and convenient to operate.

3 The speed can be adjusted according to printing requirements.

4 The frication-proof belts are used for the in-feeding-conveyor so as to protect the

bottles from frication.

5 The automatic and continuous flame-spread function has been set so as to meet different printing speed. And the security tempering defense device has been installed.

6 It is conveyed by the cam, so the synchronization of the movement of the bottles is excellent.

7 It has the blowing and pressure valve adjusting function, so the printing quality can be ensured.

8 The squeegee pressure can be adjusted. And the squeegee parts can be adjusted in the following direction: X, Y, and Z and Z-R. The angle can also be adjusted.

9 The machine has the function-no printing without bottles so as to meet high-speed printing requirements. 。

10 It has high-intensity UV curing system.

11 Two-meter test-conveyor is equipped with.

12 The elliptical bottles can turn-over automatically; the round bottles can be positioned in advance

13 It is mechanical transmission , Independent control system.

14 Clip bottles straight push.

15 Can be split or combination of monochrome multi-color.

Specifications :
Max.printing area 320*250mm Max. Screen frame size 550*350mm
Min.radius of elliptical bottles R25mm Max.radius of elliptical bottles R200mm
Min.diameter of round bottles φ20mm Max.radius of round bottles φ100mm
Min.height of round bottles 50mm Max.height of bottles 300mm
Max.width of bottles 120mm Max.printing speed 5000pcs/hr
Power pressure 380V 50Hz Power consumption 30 KW
Gas pressure 5-7 kg/cm2 Weight 7500kg
Dimensions L11000*B2000*H1700mm


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